Drill holes : sometimes present, sometimes missing

Hi, I asked Aisler to produce PCB from the attached design.
All is good except that 3 holes are missing, namely the GND connectors of KY-012 and KY-019 parts.
All other expected holes are present (whether they are round or square).
I compared the properties in the Inspector, and part editor, and I fail to understand why those holes are missing, the connectors are all described the same way. E.g. when I compare the properties of the arduino nano D1/TX pad and of the KY-019 GND part, they look the same, but the first has a hole drilled on the PCB, the latter has not.

I managed to drill the holes myself and solder the connections to the bottom layer.
However where is my mistake in the design ?

Thanks for your help, J.

ModuleInterphone213-2008141222.fzz (71.1 KB)

Always check gerbers before you get stuff made, ie, those holes in your sketch don’t exist in real life.

Those parts are made wrong, they need a ring pad on top of the square pad.

Thanks OldGrey for your answer. I thought the problem was in my design since I assumed the .fzpz for those parts were correct. I reported the problem where I found the .fzpz files (https://arduinomodules.info/ky-019-5v-relay-module/).

I suspect the part supplier may not know how to fix this (the problem is that the gerber processing code doesn’t handle holes in anything but a circle path.) Below are corrected versions of both parts with the path replaced by a circle and a square which will produce a hole. They are welcome to use the parts on their site so we get working parts out there.

(7.2 KB)

KY-019-5V-Relay-Module-fixed.fzpz (11.5 KB)


Great ! Thank you so much Peter !