Double copper pad not showing on Gerber viewer

Hello fellow Fritzing enthusiasts,

Thank you note
First love the fact that we can make our own PCB design in fritzing and order it for cheap on the internet.
I can make professional looking arduino projects, thanks to 2017, the internet and the community.

I try to make a pcb with two pads to be able to push a wire on the pcb that shorts a battery, LED and buzzer.
This will enable me to test wires, while working on other projects.
I therefore want two pads that are open to push a wire to it.

In Fritzing I have two pads on the ‘copper top’ layer.
When I export to Gerber and upload to then I only see one pad on top.
I ordered it nevertheless and the pcb had only one open pad.
Here is the fritzing file
copper pad.fzz (4.1 KB)

Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

I think it is something to do with the custom PCB because if I change the PCB for a std one it works, even though the parts are faded.
We will have to wait for Peter, because he is the XML expert.

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Your board isn’t large enough so the pads are being truncated (I’m not sure why one is only partly truncated as I would expect and the other is completely gone). There will only be board (and thus copper) within the grey area set by the pcb1 part in pcb view. In the sketch below I increased the size of pcb1 to contain both pads completely and then the gerber generates correctly. So you either need to reduce the size of the two pads to fit within the grey board area or increase the size of the board (which may face other constraints such as space :slight_smile: ).

copper pad_fixed.fzz (4.1 KB)


Here is an alternate with the original board size but the pads moved and reduced in size to mostly fit. I expect the edges outside the grey area will be truncated when the board is made.

copper pad_fixed2.fzz (4.1 KB)


That explains why it worked when I changed the PCB, because I used a PCB so big that all the pads were on the PCB.

Dear Old_Grey and Peter,

Thanks for your responses.
Strange that it is not truncating…

The second pad does not have to be against the edge of the PCB, so i moved that more inwards and now the pad shows in the gerber viewer.
I will order the new version together with other PCB’s for other projects.

Thanks again,