Display / Hide all layers of a side at once

Problem : When working on a small circuit, even with the ability to display both sides or just one by one, both are always displayed, one being shaded. But even this doesn’t make the circuit really readable.

Solution 1 :
It would be nice to be able to check at once the hide/display checkboxes about everything that is on one side of the PCB. It would just [un]check at once the copper, the labellings and the parts design for one side.

OR (inclusive)

Solution 2 :
It would be nice to be able to completely hide everything that is under the PCB, not only put it in a lighter shade. So that if that option is selected, when on “both sides” (I’m not using the English version, so I’m not sure about the labels of the third big red button at the bottom of the software) is selected, there would be no change, but when on “bottom layer” or “top layer”, we would only see said side.