Define variables to override svg

As mention in the title, I’m looking for a kind of variable to override svg values (dimension, text, …). Are there any ?

On a drill connector like this one image I would like to change the Pin name (1, 2 …) to something a bit more meaningful to me (Vcc, Gnd, …). So In the svg, 2, I would like to change 2 by Vcc.

A second case would be to change drill and pad dimension:

being able to change the 4.5 or 3 by other values.

A third case would be to activate/desactive graphs, dynamically changing the visibility attribute value from visible to hidden


A standard jumper does not have that capability. The generic IC part (sort of) does. For the only the “internal” labels. The pin numbers themselves are not changed. Frtizing DOES have generic text and net label parts that should be able to show what you want, as long is you do not need to replace the pin numbers. To do that, you would need a custom part.

The standard header, hole, pad, via parts (at least) parts have “advanced settings” where the hole diameter and ring thickness can be set. Select a part (after it has been placed), and look at the “Inspector” options.

Attributes (properties) of parts can be shown or hidden as part of the part label. Select a placed part, then right click (command click on Mac) on the “label” for the part, and [un]check options in the “Display/Values” sub menu.

If there is no label visible, right click on the part and “show part label” first.

What is available to display matches the properties of the specific part. Which is visible, and can sometimes be changed, using Inspector.

The “view” menu also has options to show and hide complete layers in each view.