Dasmikro TBS Mini part


I’m writing a library to control a Dasmikro TBS Mini sound unit with arduino, and it would be great if I could use it in the fritzing protoboard window (schematics and pcb are not necessary).

You can see here.

The unit has 9 x 3 pins and physical dimensions: 47 mm x 22mm

I hope this angle connectors don’t be a big problem. If you need more info, just say it

Thanks in advance!.

This should do what you want. The breadboard connectors are somewhat ugly as there is no good way to deal with stacked pins. In this case I offset each by .1 in in X:

outermost connector is the bottom of the stack. As well the programmer port may be wrong, as there is no documentation on it that I can find. I assumed that pin 1 is marked by the star on the PCB and the pins match the markings in the programmer (which may not be correct.) Only breadboard and schematic are present. PCB is suppressed as not useful.

damikro-tbs-mini.fzpz (25.3 KB)


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Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot!, now my wiring diagram looks better :blush: