Custom SVG gives strange PCB output


I am trying to make a custom PCB using an SVG (from inkscape). When I do this (just using a blank board), the exported PCB (in PDF form) comes out very strange. Any ideas what might be going wrong?
Thanks! (n.b. I am not allowed to post more than 1 image since I’m a new user, so I can’t show what the original inkscape SVG image looks like).

Exported PDF:


There are known bugs in 0.9.3b and 0.9.4 when parsing non trivial svg paths for PCB shapes. This is improved the development branch, but fixes are not yet released.

If you’d like to help with development (also testing), please contact via the corresponding github issue.

As a work around, you can try to keep you svg simple as possible, don’t use more than the TinySVG 1.1 standard (even less) and avoid svg paths with negative relative chained starting coordindates: Something convoluted like m4,3m-1,0L4,4 Fritzing could not digest, but m3,3L4,4 should work fine, and show the same line.


If you post the svg (by renaming the svg from file.svg to file.fzp and telling us it is a svg because the forum often has trouble with svgs) we will have a look at it and see if we can help. As Kjell said it is often by trial and error, to work around the bugs.



Hi @KjellM, thanks for the response. I am quite new to this and don’t really know what the TinySVG 1.1 standard and " m4,3m-1,0L4,4 " means, but I’ll have a look later.

@vanepp, see the attachment. Also, to make this SVG I followed these instructions as carefully as I could.

Many thanks, Daan
noHoles_forum.fzp (2.9 KB)


Well I was able to get it a little better (but as usual complete success eludes me :slight_smile: .) The good news is that Kjell has fixed 5 different bugs related to this in the development version over the last while so things should get better when that gets released. For this case, I expect we will need to wait for @opera_night to hopefully comment. He is the expert at making this work, I usually end up like this :slight_smile:

To get here I set (in Inkscape):

edit->preferences->Input/Output->SVG Output->Path Data Path string format absolute

to not use relative paths. Fritzing sometimes has problems with relative paths (it also has problems on the left edge as we see here). That produces this svg (whose gerber output is displayed above) which is better but still not right.

noHoles_forum-test.svg.fzp (1.6 KB)

For documentation on this process you are better off to search the forums by clicking on “search” them selecting “options” (lower right corner) and setting posted by to @opera_night to find all his posts on this subject.