Custom pc board

I don’t understand how to do a "cutout’ on a pc board.
I simply need a rectangle board 185mm wide x 195mm high and then
have a cutout on the top left side 85mm wide x 120mm wide.
This would leave kind of a revers “L” shape.
What is the best way to do this?

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I descibe breefly how I made a custom pc board.
I used Inkscape. I have a finish version. I don’t know in detail how menu options are named in English.

First set the page size to custom size: 185 mm (width)* 195 mm (hight).
Draw a rectangle of the size 185 mm195. Align with page if necessary.
Draw a rectangle of the size 85 mm
120 mm. Align top and left.
Choose Path - object to path on both rectangles.
Choose both rectangles by shift clicking them.
Path - separate. You should get mirrored L-shape image.
Fill L-shape with rgba color #338040ff.
You need to have two leyers: silkscreen and board.
I used XML-editor and copied the node I just made. I now have two leyers. I renamed the id of the first one to silkscreen and the id of the second one to board.
Silkscreen layer is not green. So I edited style atribute fill:#338040; to fill:none. Now only board is green. Silkscreen is colorless.

I saved as bare SVG. Not as Inkskape-SVG.
I opened Fritzing and chose pcb tab. Must click “Load image file”. I chose the SVG I just made. I try to include it in this post. You can examine the file with a text editor.

You can design your own custom pcb shapes and load the image into Fritzing… see, . Although the instructions are not quite up to date. You need three layers; board, silkscreen, and silkscreen0. silkscreen0 is the bottom layer and can be the same as silkscreen. The ID attribute of the board images itself needs be be named “boardoutline”

SVG-file can not be seen.

I try to upload a Fritzing ffz-file.

Custom_PC_board.fzz (1.4 KB)

excellent! Thanks guys. Got it to work. I also found another tutorial also and was able to do it myself!

Could you share the location of the tutorial for the benefit of the forum?

I used the information for inkscape about 1/2 way down this page from andyphil:


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This should help on the creation of pc boards…

See attached, This is a Donut I made for andy, , to see how it is written.

You need the layer: “board” with the object “boardoutline”. this needs to be a single combined object. Layer: “silkscreen” is the top of the board and the Layer: “silkscreen0” is the bottom, Silkscreens can have as many objects as you would like.

<g id="board">
   <path id="boardoutline"/>
<g id="silkscreen">
<g id="silkscreen0">

To import the PCB, highlight the pcb in the view and click “load image file” in the inspector.

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