Custom image is invisible after creation

Hi all, I want to create a new part for WEMOS LOLIN32 with integrated OLED. I followed this tutorial to load the existed image that I found on the internet. Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter9 - Using Photo and PDF (

(new) Parts Editor

But unfortunately, when I drag the newly created part to the “Breadboard” tab, I cannot see the image… Could someone help me?

Unless someone happens to know about a common error that causes that symptom, your best choice is to post the actual part file here. That way, we can examine it to see where something went wrong.

Oh, yes. You’re right. I upload here my .SVG file.
Thank you for your tip! @microMerlin


Not (just) the svg file. Post the .fzpz file. That contains all of the svg files for the part, and the .fzp definition. Those interact to create what Fritzing works with.

The 2 links you posted do not work for me. I just get 404 not found errors for them. The svg image works, but as far as I can see, no image is embedded in that. It just contains the pin graphics. It also does not contain the “breadboard” view label, so even if the rest works in Fritzing, it will will be blank (not even the pins) when exported.