Creating new Part: New "family" disables "chip label" field

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading on the forum for a couple of years,
but I’ve finally run into a problem, for which I can’t seem to find a solution.

I hope one you will be able to help me out :slight_smile:


I am creating a series of new parts, both for the breadboard and schematic layout,
and the parts will be variants of one another.

I’ve started out by editing the core part “IC”.

Creating the layout in .svg, enabling pins etc. all worked like a charm,
likewise with the “chip label” functionality - it is very important for my parts,
that it is possible for the user to edit the “chip label” from the right-side menu under “properties”.

I then started giving the variant property descriptive names and assigning them
all to a new family, currently called “newFamilyTestV1”.

This generated a nice drop-down, from where to select the correct variant.

The Problem:

When giving a custom part a new family name “newFamilyTestV1” (original: “Generic IC”),
the “chip label” property from the right-side menu, gets greyed out and the user is no longer
able to edit the text in the label.

This is because it is no longer a generic IC. To change the chip labels the code currently creates a new copy of the generic IC layout in the parts factory code and writes the text to predefined x/y positions relative to the box surrounding the IC. That won’t work for an svg that isn’t generated by the parts factory (with the specific family name Generic IC.) It will also overwrite the svg with a copy generated by the parts factory, replacing your custom svg with a generic IC if you leave the family as is. I think we can make this more general by using label names (such as connector0label, similar to connector0pin) to identify and change the label in arbitrary svgs, but it needs a code change that hasn’t been done yet. It is on my list of interesting things to do (parts factory in general needs a lot of work, but is going to be complex to do!)


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the fast reply. Too bad, but oh well, I’ll try to
find a compromise and make the best of it :smiley:

Friendly regards, Bjarke