Could anyone make 74xx86 and 74xx08 gates please?

These would be helpful for some of my projects but I can work without them >D

Parts search (the magnifying glass in Parts) and Sgparry0407 (who has made movable versions of many of the common logic parts in the 4000 series) are your friend. A search for 400 (as I knew there were 4000 series parts available) turns up a 74hc08, I didn’t see an 86 but there are xors in the 4000 series that should give you the schematic view function if you change the part number (pin numbers may be wrong as well I suppose). I must admit I don’t understand the search criteria (because all sorts of odd seemingly unrelated stuff shows up in the results) but it does work and will find stuff that isn’t shown graphically and is worth wading through.