Completing system


trabalho2.fzz (3.2 KB)

Hello, I only have this part done, can someone help me doing the rest of the system?

Ty for the attention.


If you tell us what problem you are having we will likely suggest a solution. Off the top your two capacitors should be electrolytic not ceramic (ceramics typically don’t come as large as 10Uf.) Other than that, the parts all appear to be in core parts and just need to be placed. You are best to complete one view (probably breadboard) then carefully connect the rats nest lines in the other two views. It is possible by miswiring in another view to corrupt the sketch and have to start again, so keeping a backup of the last working sketch is a good bet.



thanks for help got it


Yes, it does appear to be missing a 500 ohm resistor (which is an odd value, by the way 470 ohms would be the standard value, you would need a 1% resistor to get 500 ohms I expect.) You need to drag one in which you appear to know how to do and connect it where the schematic tells you it needs to connect (there is nothing currently there.) The two ends of the resistor need to connect as the schematic says they should. As well you need to replace the two blue capacitors with two that look like this:


These ones are polarized so you have to connect them the correct direction as well (otherwise they burn up usually.) With the addition of the last resistor, it looks correct to me, although the best way to check that is to then route schematic view and see if the Fritzing schematic matches the provided schematic. Good luck!