Code upload doesn't work

Hello, i am a bloody beginner.
Establishing hard- and software worked well until I wanted to upload one of the examples to the board. After activating the “Hochladen” button “running … Fading_Tmp.ino” appears in the command line. This command line stays there permanently; no error code appears.
What is (are) my mistake(s)?

Thank you for your help!

If you are talking about uploading to an Arduino, that feature didn’t get finished. Same with the simulator.

FZ is unsupported, except for Van’s efforts, so there will probably never be any rewrites of the code again.

It isn’t quite as bad as Old_Grey says, the limitation was that the Arduino IDE didn’t support the needed functionality and it does now. The downside is that development is currently broken. I have been poking at fixing it for coming on 2 years now with far not a lot of success. At present I need to modify some parts in the parts repo to remove tspans because they are currently breaking Qt. That is going slowly (but it is going …). Bottom line however is it doesn’t currently work so you need to use an external IDE to load code for now.


Thank you Old_Grey and Peter!
Next time I guess I can proceed as follows:
1st Develop the product within the comfortable graphic fritzing environment.
2nd Transfer the code into the Arduino environment where uploading works.
Is that realistic?

Yep, that should do the job. hopefully at some point we will get to being able to fix code upload, but I have been saying that for 2+ years now :slight_smile: .