CheckPart script install and help - Windows

Hello. I am trying to wrap my brain around using the checkparts script with windows. I a using cygwin terminal, per the instructions.

Here is where I am in the instructions from github:

mkdir tst fritzing-0.9.3b.linux.AMD64/fritzing-parts/core tst
(replace the fritzing-0.9.3b.linux.AMD64/fritzing-parts/core with the path to your fritzing-parts core directory!)

On windows, what would do I replace with? I tried this:

mkdir tst C:\Program Files\Fritzing\fritzing-parts\core tst

and got this message:

Usage: /usr/local/bin/ filename.fzp or filename.svg or srcdir dstdir

Which seems to be telling me that I did not use the command right.

I have more questions, but I will hold off on those until I can achieve this step in the process.

Thanks for your help.

Cygwin is Linux and thus has an odd (non Windows) file syntax. The first attempt will check all the parts in core parts (which is probably not what you want.) To do a single unzipped fzpz file do this:

First unzip the fzpz file (fc-52.fzpz in this case) in to a directory like this

in cygwin this tranlates to

$ cd /cygdrive/d/fritzing-backup/created-parts/fc-52

owner@owner-PC /cygdrive/d/fritzing-backup/created-parts/fc-52
$ ls

owner@owner-PC /cygdrive/d/fritzing-backup/created-parts/fc-52

If your files are on the c drive you need to change

/cygdrive/d to /cygdrive/c to use the C:drive.

Now you can run like this (this is a newer version so the output won’t be quite the same):

owner@owner-PC /cygdrive/d/fritzing-backup/created-parts/fc-52
$ part.fc-51_85d98481ce3be6f2e9b641181c0f798b_1.fzp

**** Starting to process file Startup, no file yet

**** Starting to process file part.fc-51_85d98481ce3be6f2e9b641181c0f798b_1.fzp

**** Starting to process file svg.breadboard.fc-51_85d98481ce3be6f2e9b641181c0f798b_1_breadboard.svg.bak

**** Starting to process file svg.schematic.fc-51_85d98481ce3be6f2e9b641181c0f798b_1_schematic.svg.bak

**** Starting to process file svg.pcb.fc-51_85d98481ce3be6f2e9b641181c0f798b_1_pcb.svg.bak


This is a through hole part as both copper0 and copper1 views are present.
If you wanted a smd part remove the copper0 definition from line 52

If the part has errors (this one does not) you will get error messages which refer to the original files (which will be in filename.bak rather than filename.) The output file has likely been modified so the line numbers will be different.


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Thank you. I got it working now. It was less complicated than it appeared once you explained it.

I am slowly (it has been around a year or more now) working on a new version that is intended to check parts before they get added to core parts. As part of that I will probably try and figure a way to create a native windows app (python is available for Windows but only a handful of people have been using FritzingCheckPart so I haven’t done much improving!)