Change seven seg digits

Hi, is it possible to change the digits on the seven segment display parts, and if so, how?


I don’t think I understand the question. Do you want to change the digits displayed on the breadboard image of one of the displays? If that is what you want you (or I) would need to make a new part and change the breadboard svg.


yes that is what I want. I have about 50 different combinations. Is changing the part a difficult or time-consuming thing to do?

It depends on how familiar you are with parts creation and/or an svg editor. For me it is fairly trivial although 50 of them would be a fair bit of work just creating the new parts. I’m not sure why you would want to do it though. The usual thing would be to have whatever the part creator chose to put on the display as you are usually only interested in the connections to the part in the other views to make a circuit.


thanks. I guess it is not what I need. It is not an Arduino project. Rather I need it for an instruction manual. I need to show the display in various states.

You could always just use something like Gimp (photoshop) to fill the segments with color after exporting the picture from Fritzing. Then you could make them any numbers you want without having to edit the parts for Fritzing.

If you are familiar with and svg editor such as Inkscape or illustrator, this is reasonably easy. You just need to edit the breadboard svg file and change the color of the segments you need in the svg of the display. You can then just load the svg in to a new part using the parts editor. However it may be easiest, as sublimeartistry suggested, to export the breadboard view (I assume you have more components than just the displays) as an svg, jpg or png file and use a photo editor to substitute the on color of the segments to the off color since that is what you would be doing in the svg file, but with considerably less work as you can do all the segments you need for an entire multi digit display in one drawing that way.