Can you identify a part that uses this?

Can anyone tell me what part uses a schematic image (probably a vertical row of them as it is a (probably) double row header connector)? I think it may be an obsolete part as nothing current that I can see uses it.


it is a template file that partsfactory uses to make header connectors that is currently scaled wrong. I need to find a part that uses the template to check and make sure the new template works correctly. I have 6 such files, 2 of them (already fixed) make current .1 (and possibly other size) headers, I need to figure out what uses the other 4 of which this is one.


My best guess would be a female connector. :grinning:

Good bet since its full name is


and its cousin


creates the standard female header we all know and love (now with a proper scale though). According to a comment in the code, “older parts used a .1 grid” (which I thought current parts did as well, but that is apparently what 10thin is for) for which we look to have


which I haven’t gotten to converting yet to see what it looks like
as opposed to the others. All the file names appear in one resource file and seem to get selected by mysterious parameters passed in. Setting a breakpoint found the male and female standard headers (thus their conversion first) but I’m so far stumped on the rest. At the moment I’ll convert them all and hope to find a way to test later.


I knew that… :grinning:

I think it is a future (probably to improve dual row header support). I have discovered to my delight that the linux file viewer renders a thumbnail of the svg if you look at the parts directories and a visual search of the core and obsolete directories doesn’t turn up any instances of this particular svg (it did turn up one of the others I need, in obsolete, to my delight) so I think I can safely just convert this one without breaking anything (and possibly use it to make dual row support work better later).