Beginner: Fritizing Ethching

Good day! I am new in Fritzing. How can I print my design to etchable pdf?

This is my design.

(I will upload the result pdf in the replies since new users can only upload 1 image.)

Am I missing something? Need help. Thanks!


You would likely be better to upload the fzz file of the entire project instead of the pdfs. I rarely make boards (and use gerbers and a production house then) so can’t help much with this one but I think we have some folks that do their own etching.


You go File/Export/for Production/Etchable (PDF), or whatever you like.

Then laser print on paper, the ebay yellow paper is the best just peel an print, and then iron it on the PCB.

I usually put a 0.4mm via on every pin pad because it acts as a guide that centers the drill more accurately, and after it’s etched I print the silkscreen and iron that on as that labeling, as it helps a lot with large part counts.