Autorouting in Fritzing

Good afternoon! Can you please tell me why, when creating a trace using autorouting, there are dotted lines in the circuit diagram and on the printed circuit board that are not traced?

At least a couple of things can cause that. One is if the ratsnest wire (the dotted lines) have been marked as “do not autoroute”. The other is, if the board is complex enough, autorouting could not find paths for all of the wires.

For the first case, in pcb view, ‘Select all “Don’t Autoroute” Traces’, then uncheck “Do not autorote”, both on the Routing menu.

In the second case, you can try making autorouting ‘work harder’. When starting autorouting, increase the maximum number of rounds. That will take longer, but might find better (and more) paths.

Autorouting is not that smart. Manual routing will most often get better result. Be sure to run “Design Rules Check” after autorouting. It can try to put traces too close to other things, so you could have to do some manual cleanup anyway.

Thanks! But how to do this if the element on the circuit diagram incorrectly leads dashed lines for electrical connection, so that the lines are corrected for correct connection?

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If the dotted ratsnest lines are joining the wrong connectors, there is a wire in the wrong place on one (or more) of the other views. The ratsnest lines show which connectors (actually 'nets) have wires between them in other views. Delete the bad wire(s) in the other views.

It is also possible that the ratsnest wires are left over from an error that was corrected in another view. We have seen cases (that we have not been able to reproduce) where an incorrect wire, that was later deleted, can corrupt the net connections database so that bogus ratsnets wires are left behind. We have not see that particular bug if all of the wires are placed in a single view, then wires in other views are ONLY created from the ratsnest wires.

I tried changing the element’s ports. After that, the element glows in a red rectangle. Functioning inadequately. What could be wrong? How to reset an element?

The best bet is likely to upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) so we can see what is happening.