Arbitrary Components for Breadboard View


Hopefully the subject was worded well. I’m designing a PCB that has a bunch of 3.5mm headphone jack inputs. I know that the parts library has a number of them that I can drag onto the breadboard, but I’m doing something slightly different. I’m going to mount a different kind of headphone input into an enclosure and not solder them directly to the PCB.

Is there a way to create a circuit for an arbitrary component? Ideally I’d like to run some wires from the jacks into some female headers that are soldered onto the board, so if I use one of the 3.5mm parts, those headers won’t fit. Thanks for any help.

If I understand what you want, you need bendable leads on a 3.5mm jack. The bendable leads simulate connection wires (as for instance the microphone in core parts) in breadboard. If microphone will do what you need, if you pick a jack (and a quick look says there is only one not on a board) that suits you, bendable leads can be added reasonably easily as a custom part.

Not really. My thought was I’d have a row of generic prototyping female headers soldered onto the PCB, like these:

I would solder wires to the leads on the panel-mountable 3.5mm jacks and run those wires into the female headers. This way I can design my enclosure the way I want while keeping the board the size I want, and know that if something goes wrong with one of the jacks I can just replace it without having to do any desoldering.

So the feature that I’m really looking for are empty holes that I can route to ground, GPIO, etc.

Ah, parts->connectors. Drag one on to the board and Inspector will let you change the number of pins (and produce appropriate views in schematic and PCB). Even easier.

Yep, I think I can find what I need in here, thanks!