Anyone have a Fritzing part for Arducam CSI to HDMI adapter?

Specifically this gizmo here:

Would be a blessing if someone had a part for this lying around!

Thank you very much!

Welcome aboard! There doesn’t appear to be a part available, and it doesn’t seem all that useful to make one. There is nothing for it to connect to in Fritzing, the camera ports on the RPI boards are not active in Fritizing so there is no where to connect it. An image in breadboard could be made, but as noted it won’t actually connect to anything in Fritzing, but for documentation that may be useful.


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In my question to complete my diagram, I hadn’t thought of the pragmatic side. You’re entirely right. Thank you!

It is entirely possible to make a part with only breadboard view that could appear in breadboard (and appear to connect to the camera port, even though there aren’t any actual connections there) if you only need it in breadboard such as for documentation or a tutorial. There is a good mechanical drawing for the part in the pdf datasheet.