Almost totally new to electronics and I'm trying to prototype a device in Fritzing. Anyone care to help? If I make it I'd like to open source it CCBYSA

I want to give my oil filled radiator a bit of intelligence. Right now I have it plugged into a super old-school timer which fulfills my needs fairly well, but I’m interested in learning about inventing devices using electronics so this seems like a good project for it. Below is a dropbox link to my first attempt at Fritzing. I picked out some modules (relay, microcontroller, timer, 3 types of GSM modules, temp. sensor) but have no idea how to arrange them on the breadboard or which make/model modules would be best. I also put in some parameters I’d like the code to be able to handle in the code section. I’ll paste below too just for convenience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.s. I think smart outlets like this exist on the market but as far as I know they are all over wi-fi and my wifi network isn’t reliable enough so I’d prefer to use SMS to give instructions to the device.

If temp >76 shut relay
If temp <68 open relay If text received says “On” open relay
If text received says “Off” close relay
If text received says “edit settings” allow temp set points to be edited; follow up with low temp=X or high temp=Y
If temp sensor reads >125 degrees Celcius send repeating text messages to Owner
If temp sensor reads >250 degrees Celcius send message to fire department