ADF4351 module part

Hi all, does anyone have the ADF4351 module part?
Thank you very much.

There doesn’t appear to be one. To make one we would require a web site with the specs (dimensions, connections) of the device that you want (as there appear to be several of them.)


This is the card I use, it is the basic but complete one because it also has the input for an external oscillator, sma connector on one side.
Each pin has its own writing. The PCB size is 48x36,5mm.
I don’t know if anything else is needed.
Thank you

This should do what you want.


replace fzp file with fzpz file.

adf4351_development_board.fzpz (24.1 KB)


Thanks, how to import this?
I copied the file to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ fritzing. \ fritzing-parts, but I can’t find it.

Double click on the .fzpz file or File->open and select the .fzpz file and it will appear in your mine parts bin ready for use.


Your part.adf4351_development_board_1.fzp file is not .fzpz, it is .fzp and does not appear in Fritzing with file> open, or double click.

Oops! Misclicked on the .fzp file. Corrected with the .fzpz file above.


No problem, very good work!