Ad620 instr amplifier

please can you confirm AD 620 or INA125U can support simulation in fritzing

thank you so much

Neither (assuming you mean the INA332) will do so at present, as the parts lack the spice code. The INA332 could have the above spice code added easily enough and that may work assuming Fritzing can process the model. The AD620 has a spice model, but it has a very restrictive copyright statement on the download that I would not add to a Fritzing part (you could do so for your own use if you choose though.) Once that is done exporting the spice netlist from Fritzing and running it in ltspice or another spice may work assuming you are looking for AC analysis.



what will happen in this case

but it has a very restrictive copyright statement on the download

As noted I would hesitate to be responsible for adding it to a part because of that restrictive copyright statement and publishing it. If I wanted to use it only for my personal use I would probably do so, but publishing the part may make you liable for damages and that (at least to me) isn’t worth the risk. Better to ignore the spice model as copyright restricted.


so i can continue my work using the model AD620 you have created ?

Yes the part works as an AD620 part, it (and the INA332) just don’t support spice simulation. As noted I’m willing to try adding the spice model to the INA332 part if you would like to try it out in spice, but I can’t test it because I currently don’t have spice support.


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thank you very much will go for AD620

Yes, it seems complex but it could work (but it needs to be tested).

The spice property needs to have two subproperties. The first one should be like:

X{instanceTitle} {net connector1} {net connector0} … NAME_OF_MODEL

The connectors should be in the order specified in the submodel.

The second one should be the model, a subcircuit in this case, as shown in the spice model.

.SUBCKT NAME_OF_MODEL 3 2 7 4 6 5 1 8