96boards wrong pin pitch

It seems as if the header pin pitch for 96boards has been set up as 2.54mm instead it should be 2.0 mm. any ideo on how to fix that?

The 96boards in core appear as you say to be .1 in spacing but so do the boards on the 96boards website that are marked consumer (as is the one in core) although I couldn’t find any actual documentation on a quick look that actually confirmed that (they are skimpy on connector details). All that said if you need one with 2mm connectors then you (or someone, as it isn’t necessarily easy to do if you haven’t made Fritzing parts before) would need to make a new part. Before doing that however I would advise a google search along the lines of “fritzing part 96boarrd board model” (where board model is what ever model you are looking for) to see if someone has already done one.


The connectors are defined on page 11 and 12 https://github.com/96boards/documentation/blob/master/Specifications/96Boards-CE-Specification.pdf They are 2mm pitch and 0.8mm pitch on the 40 and 60 pin connectors. There are some 2.54mm pitch connectors as well.

But on page 13 it mentions 2.54mm pitch being used for the a specific manufacturers version of the same board for makers. This may be the one in the core parts.

The one in core parts seems to have been done by someone in the 96board community and he seems to think it should do for all boards (although with .1 connectors that doesn’t appear to be correct). There appear to be mechanical drawings available so making a correct part shouldn’t be that hard. Perhaps I’ll hava a look at what is needed. Easy enough to do at least on pcb, but the one in core is 85mm wide and something called an IOT edition is only 60mm wide so I’ll hold off doing anything til the OP indicates what exact board he is looking for.

Edit: The OP wins, I ran in to a bug in my script and instead of putting my fist through the LCD like I wanted, I fixed up this part instead. I only changed schematic and pcb and left breadboard alone. Most of the change is in pcb to change the connector from .1in to 2mm. As always you need to print out the footprint and check it against a real part.

96boards Consumer Edition_fixed.fzpz (95.8 KB)


Yes, thanks @vanepp
That’s what just what I wanted, I’ll take a look at it asap.

It is worth noting that in Fritzing pcb the mounting holes appear to be 5mm rather than 2.5mm but in fact if you look at the gerber output there is a 2.5mm hole and a 5mm circle in silkscreen which is the keep out area for the screw head where there shouldn’t be any components or probably traces routed. Also the high speed connector isn’t present although it could be added (but that is a fair amount of work).