7 of 9 nest routed - 2 connections still to be routed

Hello, I just started working with Fritzing today, I created a sketch for Arduino, I connected everything in the same way that I connected them physically, and physically everything is working fine with this connection, but in Fritzing a get this message in the Breadboard Tab

7 of 9 nets routed - 2 connections still to be routed

In the Schematic Tab I get : 1 of 9 nets routed - 10 connections to be routed

What do these mean, and how can I fix these?

Here is my file:

IMS_LAB.fzz (34.4 KB)

It looks to have something to do with the Piezo buzzer. If you disconnect it form the Arduino in breadboard view the problem goes away. If you ignore the warning and make sure it is connected in the schematic properly I believe it should be fine to use. If you want the warning to go away I think you need to remake/fix the part without bendable legs as I believe they are the cause of the problem.

@arditshala34 EDIT: It turns out that you can not connect bendable legs directly to the arduino. If you disconnect the legs from the Arduino and then connect them with wires it works as expected.

There is something wrong with that LED array. In PCB the bottom pins have a red line through it, showing the pins aren’t assigned.

In SCH - Only when you make the ratsnest lines traces do they become real connections.

Yeah, I think bendable legs only connect to a breadboard.