24 pin USB-C part

I am currently in the process of designing my 2nd circuit board and have determined that i need a 24 pin usb-C which is not present in the fritzing database, i have looked at what is required to make my own parts and honestly do not have the skill to do so. would anyone be willing to help out?
Here is a technical drawing of the part;

The main problem is that Fritzing can’t do slots (see this old post for an explanation of the issues


so the slots would need to be done as 2 holes (one on each end of the slot) and then cut with an xacto knife. If that is acceptable then a part is easy enough to make.


yea, thats fine. ive been sifting through forum posts to see if a 24 pin usb c had been made before and saw the post about the slotting issue.

I think some people managed to create slots, but it’s not easy:

This part should do what you want. I tried a third hole on the slot but there looks to be too much overlap.

USB_3.1_typeC_usb_connector-amphenol.fzpz (35.9 KB)


thank you very much, just loaded it into fritzing and the part looks great!