Winfows 10 gui size


Hey just wanted to give feedback. so yesterday I was browsing the web and sudently windows tell me you have update ready so yea why not … few hours later th update have finisshed . it was the creator update ( made few month ago ) why it didnt install before and I was manually searching for update and windows sayed yea your pc is up to date . anyway now I did’t have gui scaling problem no more and no manipulation needed …


W10 rubbish. 6 hours of no internet because it had to download some cr@p that I didn’t even need.


@Old_Grey Have you considered trying Ubuntu? I would recommend Ubuntu Gnome as Gnome is the next default desktop environment for plain Ubuntu (Currently it is Unity and I can’t stand it). If you want it to feel much more like Windows and your system has the power you could use Kubuntu which uses the KDE desktop which follows the Windows XP/7 desktop paradigm.


It work now perfectly with the creator update . and i cant instal linux on my tablet because it dual boot android and windows. Special chuwi rom


I used Linux for a couple of years around 2001 and found it way, way, too much work. If Win was a car you just get in that car and drive, but with Linux you have to bolt the car together before you could drive it. Also back in the the late 70s you couldn’t share physical programs so you had to manually type in code for days out of books to have games, and that’s when I worked out I hate coding. Now that Win has stolen all the good ideas from Linux, and that free Win stuff is so common, there no incentive to go back.

I hate how in Win10 it takes longer to do the same thing as Win7 - Win7 is slower to do stuff than in XP but at least you could turn that cr@p off -, I just want to do stuff with minimal effort.


@Old_Grey I would agree 16 years ago Linux was not easy. But now it makes windows look complicated in most cases. In ubuntu if you want a piece normal software you open the software center, look for it and press install. For software not in the software center you can download a .deb file and it will self install. For some other software you download a binary version and run it. In my 9 years of Ubuntu I have only had to compile a handful of programs and all of those were very unusual cases (or playing with development). You should really look into it again after all it has been 16 years and a lot has happened. Also Ubuntu is a commercial product used by a lot of large businesses so it has to be easy and stable. It is even available pre-installed on systems from companies like Dell, Acer, etc. It has become so easy my wife talked someone through a dual boot install while the only computer they had to communicate with was the one they were dual booting.

Then you have the speed increase while running linux, its like going from a 8086 back in the 80’s straight to a quad core 3ghz machine. My wife has to run $5000 windows software for her job and to do so we run Win 7 in virtualbox. With windows in a saved memory state she can boot her Laptop into Ubuntu and then restore her Win7 machine from memory in under 1 minute. If for some reason she has to restart windows it can take 15 minutes just to do a restart so it is easier to dump the session and restore the saved state and you are back to windows in 30 seconds.


My lenovo is running under ubuntu and I have a powerbooc 3400c the fisrt laptop to have cd drive runni g under that .


Exactly and even though the powerbook is old i’m sure it runs well. I use an Inspiron 6400 laptop from 2006 in my shop and it runs as well as any other system I have. It is only dual core so that limits it to doing one thing at a time quickly but it does one thing really well.:slight_smile:


I tried a few of the new types of Linux like Fedora and the first Ubuntu etc, and like how they were quicker to navigate because they got rid of the security, but by then there were lots of free Win programs that had more features, so it wasn’t worth switching. I’m just too old and lazy to make the effort to switch.


While I am too I think win10 is going to drive me too it (once support for Win7 dies in a couple of years). Win10 is so screwed up it is a new os and not worth the effort. I must admit the Ubuntu 16.04 lts system that I put up for fritzing development was a dead easy install, just run the DVD and you have a configured working system (somewhat annoying in that the close button is on the left instead of the right, but its X, once you find the oddly named config file it is changeable I’m sure … ) and I think thats what I’ll replace Win 7 with.



I loved the first W10 consumer preview, but soon after that they stuffed it. If it wasn’t for the compulsory updates that you can’t turn off, and the slow folder opening - that stupid green bar scan -, it’s good enough if annoying. Basically my i7 960 with W10(SSD) feels touch slower than W7(SSD) on my E8650 Core2Duo.

No one says you have to upgrade to W10 when W7 stops - if I didn’t get W7 for $10 I would still be on XP -, and in fact you can still see XP in many commercial installations. I’m going to keep W7 on my high production i7 4770(SSD) because it’s very responsive.

You can still update W7 to W10 free, but put in on another drive so you can go back. From memory I drive imaged W7 to another SSD and updated that. I will probably never use the W10, but it is only a cable swap away if I have to.