Wifi farm gate controller


I had bought a couple of 12V actuators… I found out later they came out of a convertible. Although there may not be a lot of old convertibles at your local junkyard anymore. :slight_smile:


There is talk of amazon coming to Oz. That might shake up the local distributors.


I believe you are right, I believe that is part of the Amazon/DHL joint adventure. DHL is international only, they are not licensed for domestic Air-cargo. Amazon now has there own Air-cargo hub for domestic services.

An Amazon fulfillment center is coming to an area near you…


BTW, the owner of Amazon started off by selling books out of his garage boxing and shipping them himself…


It was on the news this morning that today, Amazon is moving their 17 aircraft from Wilmington (20 miles North of me) to the CVG Hub (30 miles South of me)… and they plan to operate 100 aircraft out of their CVG Hub… :relaxed: