SeeedStudio Relay Shield v3.0


I hope this is good, didn’t do a lot of testing and somewhere got confused in my SVG files and had to re do it.

On thing I just found out is that when making the part Fritzing changes stuff in the SVG files. So after I make a part now and have to go back to the SVG file to change/fix something I use the files Fritzing changed and things worked better.

Relay Shield v3.0
SeeedStudio - Relay Shield v3.0.fzpz (52.9 KB)

Let me know if there are any problems and I will gladly fix them.




Much the same issues as the 2.1 version (except this one has a ground bus).
Again some pins in schematic aren’t aligned on .1 boundaries. Otherwise looks very good.



Thanks Peter, I’ll get those fixed.