Search function in the parts view does not work


The issue is still valid,
Please note the attached pic, in case of:

  • Fritzing V0.9.3, on windows 7, 32 bits, “Parts Search” doesn’t open the search box
  • Fritzing V0.9.2, on windows 7, 32 bits, “Parts Search” does open the search box correctly
    I did try all the previous suggestions as well.


I just tried this on my Win7 pro (32) laptop, and the first time it indeed hung Fritzing when I tried a search, so I cleared the Fritzing directories (as I had to kill Fritz with task manager) then (as the machine looked to be making a network access and I know there are parts that aren’t on there yet) I went to help and clicked check for updates and (after a long time as the eeepc is 10+ years old and quite slow) it did the parts updates and restarted Frtitzing. Now search works normally on that machine. So its possible there is a bad interaction between parts update and search. Another thing to try if this doesn’t work is start the debug console (I didn’t do that on the failure unfortunatly) in help->enable debugging log (this opens a window where the debug info will appear, mine says “loading bin search” when I click the hour glass). Hope this helps!


(edit: PS please tell us if this worked so we know for others …)


Same issue. As shown by dmargal search text box appears in 0.9.2 but not in 0.9.3 (64bit in my case).

Running Win10.


Have either of you tried clicking on the magnifying glass? From a fresh start of Fritzing the search box is greyed out as shown and clicking on the box doesn’t do anything. To activate search you need to click on the magnifying glass to the left of the search box (I do this automatically and didn’t think to mention it in the post above …)



Many times.

I’ve seen that when starting there are 2 files created under C:\Fritzing\bins including a search.fzb file.

It seems to work like any other bin e.g. you can drag parts into it.


Hmm, the only other suggestion I have is to try clearing the temp and user directories (note that this will destroy all your current sketches so you need to keep a copy of the directories before replacing them. When making new parts I often manage to get Fritzing totally hung and the only solution I’ve found is to delete these two directories (Fritzing will recreate them on restart if you rename them to move them aside):


(which is a hidden directory so you need to have show hidden directories set in explorer) and

c:\Users\user_name\My Documents\Fritzing

where user_name is your windows account name. If something gets corrupted in here (usually sketches but maybe also parts search) Fritzing sometimes won’t recover from it (it also sometimes forgets to delete files it should which may be part of the problem). I’ve never seen this problem on my installations but they are all win7 pro. It may also
be illuminating to start the debug log as mentioned above and see what that says (its usually gibberish to me, but in this case it may show something of interest :slight_smile: ).


Creating parts with movable schematic elements

I deleted the directories although there is none under My Documents - it seems to be under C:\Fritzing now. Still no joy.

Another thing I have noticed is that an additional set of MINE and SEARCH folders gets added to the bottom of the list every time Fritzing is started.


What version are you running and what platform? I’m on 0.9.3 from about 6 months ago on win7 pro and don’t see either problem. As well my directories are in my documents (so that upgrades to the Fritzing directories don’t affect them). I’d be tempted to try a redownload and reinstall the code to see if you have a corrupted download although I haven’t heard any reports of that either.



v0.9.3b04.19 on W10 64bit. I had tried re-downloading. 0.9.2 works fine but I need the newer parts.

Just found this is logged as a bug in github:


A few people had this problem, unfortunately no one said if they found a solution.

When you unzip the fritzing.0.9.3b.64.pc - 186,786 KB file, does it have 128 folders 9049 files 343 MB.

Just wondering if your anti-virus is stripping files.


Thats a good thought, because something is sure wrong as the data files are in the wrong place. I have a disk with Win10 for my machine (from when upgrade from 7 was free :slight_smile: . I just don’t use it. I’ll restore a copy later today and try it against 9.3 and see what happens.As well new parts should still work on older versions, they are just somewhat of a pain to extract and load if we can’t find a fix.



Old_Grey, it is a bit different between the two versions (32 vs 64).
I downloaded the fritzing.0.9.3b.32.pc - 179 MB (187,819,731 bytes).
After unzipping it, size: 334 MB (351,095,049 bytes) that contains: 9,039 Files, 128 Folders.
I double check the end result with the zip file content and there was not a single problem.


I remembered it was a problem for some installing 9.3, so it was kind-of a guess.

Doing some reading it looks like something about a parts folder that triggers it. Directly manipulating external files can trigger it.

At the bottom of this post one of the FZ crew has a solution.

Other reading
Near the bottom someone causes the problem


OK a new data point. I have an upgraded from Win7 pro copy of Win10 (which I don’t like and don’t use) which is probably at a patch level at least a year or more old. It didn’t ever have Fritzing on it, so I just installed the 64 bit zip file. Starting Fritzing I got the “we need to delete these files to do the parts update” which I approved, it then did the parts update and closed Fritzing. When I restarted fritzing and clicked the search hourglass and search comes up and works as expected. So search does work on Win10. I’ll leave the machine alone for a while (I have several :slight_smile: ) to do updates and see if an update kills it. Note Old_Grey’s post just before this that deleting the directories has worked for other people in the past although someone here tried that without success, I still think that is the most liekly cause of this. I may try loading a part that I know hangs fritzing and see if that breaks it as well a bit later as well if patches don’t break it (I can see traffic on my adsl modem probably indicating the other machine is loading patches :slight_smile: ).



I just did an install of Fritzing on Win10 and the directories are in the expected (mostly) place:


and (slight change) (edit, slight wrong change, there is a user name
there too :slight_smile: ):


(where documents is My Documents on win7). so there is something odd about your installation I expect. As noted however search is also working for me (indicating it will work on Win10)



Is it really C:\Users\documents or C:\Users\username\documents?


Sorry, good catch, it is in fact c\Users\user_name\documents (although in typical Win10 fashion I had to start a dos prompt and do a dir as explorer claims it is “This PC> Documents” no user name in sight). It shouldn’t however be in the C:\Fritzing directory. On my working Win10 install its in C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Fritzing\bins\search.fzb and
c:\Fritzing contains only fritzing.0.9.3b.64.pc as that is where I unzipped the downloaded file. Are you using explorer to look for the files? If so perhaps try it from a command prompt in case you are hitting the same issue that bit me with explorer simplfying the path for us dummies … We may be in fact talking about the same directories. Also try starting Fritzing and under help click Enable debugging log, on mine that gets the single line

loading bin ‘Search’

when the working search window comes up. I’d be interested in what yours says when the window doesn’t come up. That may give us a clue as to what is going on. I’ll edit my other post to add the username to the path.



The fact that the search bin file is created under a different folder (C:\Fritzing\bins vs C:\Users\username\Documents\Fritzing\bins) seems significant.

I wonder if this is something to do with environment variables.

There seems to be 2 parts to this functionality:

  1. Search as a parts folder - same as any other
  2. A function that sits over the folder to facilitate search including provision of the search box. This bit seems broken.


How do you do the second one? The only one I know of is the search in parts bin. As far as I know (which isn’t all that far :slight_smile: ) all the user related changes are supposed to appear in the Fritzing\My Documents or Fritzing\Documents and Fritzing\Appdata directories (and their equivalent on the other platforms) so that no user related changes happen in the main distribution directories to be damaged during an upgrade (core parts do get changed in that directory when a parts update occurs on github but I think nothing user related is supposed to change there). In the movable parts discussion in parts help it appears a parts folder rename on the user’s part is what broke the search functionality. It was working on Win10 (just like mine), he made a part related folder change that made a folder inaccessable in Windows and Fritzing, and search has stopped working and hasn’t yet recovered (we so far haven’t convinced him to try and delete the user diirectories to see if that helps). To me that points to something getting corrupted in the two user directories that causes this, but not being able to reproduce it I can’t say for sure.



After upgrading Windows 10 to the Anniversary Update the search box is now working!