rotary encoder parts


I had a file titled PartsBible but don’t remember/can’t find URL, However I did find (on Fritzing site) a file-link to the same content (perhaps same link with updated info:
Link to file

The info in the file somewhat explains the moduleID.

The schematic: I have a box of encoders of all types (mechanical, optical, magnetic) and after much time spent on different projects, I narrowed down to just a handful of best options for me (for reliability of signal tracking): Basically, my favorite mechanical encoder are Bourns PEC series and Panasonic EVEJB series. They are all Verrry low cost and perform well. Some are shown in post above. Attached scrnshot of the electrical’s for them and a few others that fit the footprint so, your part will work. I limited this to one’s that fit the footprint.

Regarding QT and helping out… well, I’ve thought about a few times but haven’t attempted a start at it… perhaps I will but, first, I’m going to force myself to succeed a making a part from scratch (fingers crossed)…