Well the story goes that everyone used Coral Draw with the dark background, but now that it’s not free no one uses Coral Draw, so it going to be Inkscape with a white background from now on.

I always correct old parts - there are others things too - to try and get them to a more standardised format.


Oh-oh… now I’m in trouble… :fearful:


Come over to the dark side my son.:smile_cat:


I don’t know if the topview is a real good idea, as you can’ read the values. However if you want, it is no problem for me to implement this.

What’s up next? SPICE? Or what else is there to do?


Try these… see if they work for you… Resistor Array Parts.fz (32.1 KB)

EDIT: After you load them all in, you will need to close and reopen FZ for all the properties to synk…


Thanks steelgoose!

I tried to implement the missing pieces but I’m not getting everything right it seems. You can view my code here:

And an example output here: test.fzpz (21.3 KB)

Unfortunately, Fritzing crashes on my machine while opening this file. My guess is that my script generates a wrong zip-format for Fritzing to parse. Does someone know of an easy to automate way to generate the fzpz-files from the raw svg- and part-files?


I figured the .fzp would be a little more difficult, that is why I went ahead and made the parts. I didn’t touch your .svg’s at all, other than the file name… I just created the .fzp and .fzpz and they all worked great. I will look at your .fzpz… probably something simple… One little thing wrong and it will crash Fritzing.


From the get-go, when I unziped it, I see 4 errors; only the .fzp file can have the prefix “part.”, the .fzp will be extracted to the folder /parts/user/. the breadboard .svg needs to have the prefix “svg.breadboard.”, as it is extracted to the folder /parts/svg/user/breadboard/. The same goes with the prefix on the other three “svg.icon.”, “svg.pcb.”, and “svg.schematic.”.

How to convert from .fzp to .fzpz?

It works! Thanks a lot for pointing that out. That was a stupid mistake by myself. The current code is available here:

A basic output is attached. Now I’m on to document everything and wrap it up as a console-script.

test.fzpz (61.3 KB)


I completed it! You can now find the current script at

Please let me know if anything is missing. It should be pretty self-explanatory in the shell if called. Thanks for all your help! :smile:


Thanks for your script.
I was just about to create my own resistor array for Fritzing when I found this.

But I think it would be better if this part was integrated in the official project.

Would you mind if I create some parts with our script and import them to the fritzing-parts git repsository?

Or do you want to do this on your own?

I am also not sure how I can combine these parts to be one parts in the parts library so the user can select his parameters of the resistor array by his own.
But maybe I figure this out. :slight_smile: