Request-WeMos ESP-Wroom-02 with 16850 bat holder


I have been trying to find a .fbpz parts file.
Any help would be appreciated.


You presumably mean a .fzpz part file, and there likely isn’t one yet. A quick look in google doesn’t turn up any information (even on the wemos site which doesn’t seem to even mention this part) that has a mechanical drawing of this particular unit. There is a lolin32 part (if the form factor is the same) around I think (I think I did some work on such a part at some time in the past). A mechanical drawing would be the place to start with this project.



Yes I do mean a .fzpz part file.


Then you would need to find a mechanical drawing for the part (which I wasn’t able to find with a quick search) that specifies the dimensions of the board and where (with x/y coords) the connectors are located and what the pin names are as that is the minimum requirement to adapt an existing part to this new one.



I can’t find a drawing either. My job is to draw steel blueprint for buildings. I can bring a caliper to work and draw you a drawing. Would that work? Then maybe we could take a NodeMCU v1.0 part and make it look like this.

Another problem is that this thing doesn’t fit a breadboard very well. Because of the battery the silkscreen has to go down.


Yep that should work. I’d need the sizes of the outline of the board and offset from a board edge to the center line of connectors and mounting holes. There is possibly enough information on connector names on one of the sites selling them. We will see I guess.



I will make a drawing tomorrow. This will be great!


I have enclosed my drawing.
I do have a .dxf file if that would help.


This should be enough to do the job I think. I’ll have a bash at it and ask if I need something further.



The side shown is the side with the silkscreen, leds and buttons but this side would have to go down if pressed into a breadboard, because there is a giant battery on the back.


Yep I recognized that and am making both breadboard and PCB views opposite of what is usual. It makes my life much easier as I only had to grab a copy of an 18650 battery and holder (which I have already) for most of breadboard view. So far so good I’m just aligning the mounting holes in breadboard so it should be finished soon.

Edit: here is what breadboard will look like



Much later than I expected because Inkscape / xml decided I was getting too cocky and they should screw me around, here is the part. The battery in breadboard isn’t as fancy as the svg above, because while the svg renders fine in Inkscape and all the elements alone render fine in Fritzing, copy pasted to one file they don’t render in Fritzing. Its taken me most of the afternoon to figure out I don’t know enough to fix it and swap in a simpler battery for breadboard. Pin names are from a picture on one of the web sites selling them because I can’t even find a pin out guide on the net, but this should do the job I hope.

Wemos ESP-Wroom-02.fzpz (12.0 KB)



Yahoo! This is great. It looks fantastic.
Yes there is a few problems with this board but I think most is just documentation. The board selection I use is ESPino and that dosen’t allow pins to be called out as “D2” only integers. So I had to figure all that out.
This is what I got so far:
Pin no ? = A0 analog
Pin no 5 = D1 usually I2C
Pin no 4 = D2 usually I2C
Pin no 0 = D3 = i/o
Pin no 2 = D4 = i/o=led
Pin no14 = D5
Pin no12 = D6
Pin no13 = D7
Pin no15 = D8 = can’t upload
D9 AND D10 tx,rx

I really appreciate your help.


There is a datasheet for the chip it uses at

if you haven’t seen it. That may provide some information if you can figure out which pins on the daughter board go to which pins on the 16 pin connector.



That is very helpful. I am pretty new at this hobby.
So the pins on the chip, pretty much, go directly to the pins on the board.
That makes sense, since there isn’t anything else to control them.



You will get used to searching for chip data sheets as you buy from Ebay and the others :slight_smile: , documentation is usually (as in this case) entirely lacking and you have to dig up the data sheets and figure it out for yourself. Google is an excellent source (although not so much with this board) in cases where someone else has already gone through that pain and documented it for the next person. Good luck! If there are errors in the part, just post, they are easy to fix.