Part Creation - A very rough how-to


You would need a whole series of videos, but this is a quick one to show some tips.
This is not a proper guide, just methods to do stuff.

karlalhdz and vanepp motivated me to finally work out a screen recorder and put something together.

New part creation
Change the physical size of a sliding pot
Working with veroboard/stipboard
Parts: db9 pin number
Wemos D1 mini PCB protective areas rotated
New parts editor not available
Making PCB pads connectable?
DFRobot's SD Module (DFR0071)
Optocoupler SMD parts (and changing existing parts)
Hologram Dash - Cellular MCU
Help please to edit a component in inkscape and then use it
New parts editor not available
Help for 16 pins terminal creation
Help with these parts?