No Part Search in 0.9.3


I’ve done a new installation of 0.9.3 twice and the parts search facility does not appear. I’ve attached an image of the default installation after automatic upgrading of the parts.


I’ve searched the forums and I only get 3 year old closed forum posts.


If often moves to the bottom of the list. Try using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the list of parts bins to see if it is all the way at the bottom.


It it isn’t at the bottom of the list, then there is a late thread on github where someone found that their AV package was blocking writes to the bin:

As well if you are on Windows, it appears that parts update has broken so to get the latest parts you need to download the repository from github and manually install it. Linux and probably the Mac are still working.



I’ve searched for it. It’s not on the list anywhere.


If you search in the forums there have been posts about this in the past. I don’t know that we ever found a real solution as people didn’t report success usually (if they in fact had success). Reading the old posts may help.