Need TR5 LITTELFUSE Radial Fuse


Hello World,

Someone have made a Fritzing Part For TR5 Fuse ?



Thanks in Advance



This should do what you want. As always print a copy of the pcb and verify the footprint before ordering boards …

Little fuse tr5.fzpz (9.5 KB)



Many Thanks Peter, That’s what I need.
I’ve not yet the component to check the size, but it is on the way.

Thanks Olivier


Not a problem, it took me about an hour to combine an electrolytic capacitor (with some edits in breadboard) and steal the schematic from a generic fuse to create the new part. It took about a year or more to learn enough about making parts to do that, so its usually easier for one of us that knows how to make someone a new part they need.



I read the how-to and I tried. But drawing is not really something I can do. And especially for which I have patience :wink:

So thanks for your work and time