Mega2560 R3 Pro Mini


Do you mean the USB connector end? If so that is easy to move without touching the pins … I just moved the USB connector and its associated parts down a bit so it is centered on the board as I expect it should be. I hadn’t noticed it was a little out til you mentioned it. Just selected the parts I wanted, grouped them then moved them down in y a bit.



Mainly the large 2560 chip, but yes other stuff as well.
Mine is the top one, but when the guy trimmed the top of it it offset some stuff. I eye-balled stuff until it looked like the pics on the net.

I have to take your part apart and see how it’s done, because I had to reassign all the pins every time I changed the svg. :rage:


OK, I just updated the file yet again, I moved both the USB connector and the CPU chip to be centered. I don’t see why that will break parts editor but it may I suppose.



That’s because you’re smart and know how to assign pins in the svg, where as I’m dumb. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Peter this one is perfect. Thank you!


Please check all the bused pins are as they should be. In breadboard if you click on a pin all the other pins in the bus will light up yellow. I am assuming they were correct before I started changing things, but they may not be now :slight_smile: .



All the bused pins look good. However I found a pin mis-alignment (by 0.25mm) which will be a problem because we have some hole size compensation.


Good catch, I’ll fix it up and reload it. It probably doesn’t matter but it is also trivial to fix and right is better.


Fixed and uploaded yet again.



Thanks looking better.