Looking for SMA Connector part


Looking for this part.



I don’t like your chances, at least for a BB view.

Link the correct datasheet.


While there doesn’t seem to be a ra version, entering “sma antenna” in parts search turns up a sparkfun version. Or look at this one (I don’t remember if it is ra or not, although I made it :slight_smile: ), found by a google search for “fritzing part sma right angle connector”. If this doesn’t suit it can probably be modified easily enough.



I tried it and it is smaller than the actual size. The SMA connector on the picture has Pin Spacing 2x2.54mm. In meantime, I solved by using Single Row 2 Pin Header and increase pin spacing to be 5.08.



As I said, changing the part isn’t a big deal if (as Old_Grey said) you supply a data sheet that describes the part. If your header solution suits your purposes that is fine too.



Take time to find the drawing. Just came across one drawing on Aliexpress.
Is this drawing enough in detail?


Yep, that does the trick. You are lucky to find a drawing, often I have to resort to the vernier calipers and actually measure a part if I can’t find a drawing (which is all to common with the ebay et.al. modules :slight_smile: .) Below is a new part with the spacing in the drawing. The holes are .042in to have a little extra room for the pins (they should be .039 in, but the standard drill size is .038 which may be a little tight. I also modified breadboard to be RA rather than up right as on the original and changed schematic to a more sensible pin layout (at least IMHO) and added the RA barrel to the silkscreen (which will likely get truncated by the edge of the board in most cases) so you can see where not to put other components.

SMA Antenna Connector RA 6mm pin spacing.fzpz (6.1 KB)

As always print out the pcb footprint and check it against a real part to check it is correct before ordering boards.



Thank Peter. It seems work for me. It looks ok on print out.