How to change all Part Connections to Bottom layer?


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Whatever is selected in the drawing is controlled by the Inspector, so click the track so it’s boxed with a dotted line. Then go to width in Insp and either select a track width from the drop down box, or type in a number for the width that is under 128mil 0.128".

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Darker lines are selected in the printer options.

No .fzz file attachment came in the email.


How do you reproduce this? While waiting on the development tools to load (after 3 days of fighting with it I find Qt doesn’t support Visual Studio 2017 on Windows due to bugs) and am looking for things to fix in fritzing while I wait and wait and wait …) So I created a simple two resistor pcb set it to single sided saved it as an fzz exited Fritzing and reloaded it and it came back single sided not double. If I can reproduce your problem I’ll have a bash at fixing it.



It’s probably not worth chasing because it’s rare and probably something to do with the PCB part.

Originally I got someone’s double sided circuit and I moved parts and traces and converted it to single sided, but every time I reopen it it’s back to DS.

If you get this file and click on the PCB it says single side, but if you look at it it’s actually double sided. With just the PCB selected select double side, wait, and then select single sided, and that’s when all the colours change and it’s true single sided. You can save that but it will always open DS visual with SS Insp label.

SingleSideSpeedy3.3 Everything-Ver2-6.fzz (815.6 KB)

I can select everything and deselect the PCB and paste it on another PCB in a new sketch and save that and it stays SS.


Thanks I’ll have a poke and see if I can see what the issue is. It looks like I’ll have most of the day as I reinstall Qt on window for the 4th or 5th time (what a nightmare!).

Edit: I think you are right this isn’t worth trying to fix. I hadn’t understood how it came about: converting from a double sided board to single. Looking at the xml generated I think the problem is likely that the individual parts haven’t been updated about the change from double to single. While that could be done I expect (there is code to do such things I think), it would likely take a long time for a rare use case (to say nothing of being complex to do). So I guess I get to stare at the Visual Studio install bar for the rest of the day (or more likely switch to the linux box and break the development version some more :slight_smile: ).



I think when a PCB is started with DS FZ never forgets and always keeps it DS, even if Insp is changed to SS.

The annoying thing is that sketch can never be fixed. You can delete that PCB and put another SS PCB in there - you need to restart or it looks weird -, but upon restart the pad rings are yellow indicating DS instead of orange for a SS.
You can copy the parts and traces to another sketch, which seams to work ok, but you lose the 2 other views making it a PITA.

The work-around is that you have to remember to convert the PCB to DS and back to SS before you make the gerbers, or you end up with top copper. Or just throw away the top copper gerber.