Generic ICs with oblong/rectangular pads?


is there an easy way to get a (generic) IC with “oblong” / rectangular - non round - through the hole pads to enable routing of small wires between the pads?

Currently I need ICs 300mil with 28pins (atmega328p), 18pins (mcp2515), 8pins (mcp2551) but a more generic IC part with more pin possibilities and even in 600mils are appreciated.

I spent a day making a 30pin ESP30 already, but I hope that someone has already available ICs or can point out where I can find them with rectangular holes!



Depends on your definition of easy. There are parts around (some of the Sparkfun ones as I recall) that have rectangular pads. It is likely easiest to pull up parts in inspector and look at the pcb thumbnail til you find an appropriate pad layout (for instance max7219 in Sparkfun digital which is 300 mil 24 pin with oblong pads. From there you would need an svg editor such as Inkscape to modify the pads to the configuration that you desire (with pin designations that match the part you want to use the footprint in). Simple enough if you already understand parts creation, but there is a steep learning curve to parts creation. If you can’t make it work, post your footprint here and I’ll have a poke at it (probably best with both the part you want the footprint to fit and the footprint).

Edit: Note that you need to check that the hole size generated by the gerber is both created and the correct size. The Sparkfun parts are likely OK, but others from the net may not be correct. Some of these parts have issues …



thanks Peter. I tried my best and did the 3 parts. In the gerber viewer the parts are looking ok so far. I will let produce a test pcb and if the parts are ok I’ll publish them.


You want to look at the drill.txt file from the gerber output and check the drill sizes are correct. For ICs they are usually .035 in I think. If you want to post the parts I can have a look for common problems as well.