Fritzing ignores mm unit in svg


nope its not essential. i fixed it.

  1. fritzing uses the viewbox attribute of the svg to scale the parts. i put the viewbox to “0 0 21.7 16.2” which is the exact size of the part on the pcb view. this let me use the mm values in the svg
  2. the text had fontsize once in the style and once in an attribute. according to svg spec the one in the css is used if provided, and the other ignored. just seems that fritzings export goes haywire when both are provided. i deleted the font size in the style and it now does export correctly.


If that works for you… I would say, do it that way… Most people cannot go into the .svg files and edit them manually without creating a lot of headaches. I was just trying to help you out by letting you know that the Parts Editor would have caught all of the errors, corrected them, and saved you a whole lot of time and trouble… Glad I could be of help… Good luck with your project…


thanks for trying to help. i just hate software that limits me in what i want to do. of course the pcb would work with 0.05mm error, but it just doesnt satisfy me, and as its my hobby i want to get the most out of it. and as im a software developer i have no problems writing a svg from scratch, or edit it in a text editor. its just a standard that has to be followed.

yeah but you never really know what the parts editor does. i just prefer getting my hands dirty :stuck_out_tongue: and now i know how to do it in the future