Diode ( keine Led ) Bauform 0805 gesucht?


From the images that he posted, I believe he has a very similar part with at least some kind of breadboard image already made. If we can get a copy of that fzpz file I think the necessary changes will be fairly small. Worth a try anyway I’d say.

Peter Van Epp


The part he is showing is the rf link rx part from the bin. I suppose you just need the datasheet, and to mod the svgs.


That was my thought yes. It should be fairly easy (famous last words :slight_smile: ).

Peter Van Epp


That’s for sure.

This week I found out how Family and Properties work to order parts in Inspector, and yesterday I found out how to make hole without it’s shape having to be etched copper first. When does the learning stop,

At least the complexity is what makes it’s easier for the end user to use.


Probably never :slight_smile: once we get comfy with operation then its time to turn to development which is never ending! I found a data sheet for the RXB6 and grabbed a copy of rf-link. I can see why he is having problems :slight_smile: that is one odd part (I don’t think its odd right though, just odd). The PCB layout is indeed offset by a bit (not a sensible bit like .05 in as far as I can see but some odd offset which may or may not match the original real part) and only some of the connector pins seem to exist. I’m practicing my parts creation by trying to make him a working copy. I think I’m finished the svgs so its on to the fpz and see if it works tomorrow.

Peter Van Epp


You mean that the pins come out curved and the board is offset from the insertion pin line. Get the guy to measure the offset.


Thank you Peter and Mr.Grey :slight_smile:

Yes the Problem is: the pins are at a wrong position and the module in real is a little bit longer.

regards from germany


Without accurate dimensions you can’t make the PCB drawing, so Peter will need a datasheet or accurate measurements from you.


I’m assuming it is this one:


as it appears to match the photos and the signal names are the same. The original part is an eagle to Fritzing conversion from Sparkfun so either the original part has offset pins or the conversion process had some bugs :slight_smile: . While the 8 pins are on the PCB only about 5 of them show as connectors in schematic and breadboard. This one appears to be straight sip on .1 centers so I corrected the PCB svg to match that. I’m currently fighting with the fpz (and as usual its winning so far :slight_smile: ). Good practice for me!

Peter Van Epp


Hey Peter, thank you very much for your time and help ! It sounds great :slight_smile:

The PDF is the right one thats exactly what i have and need.

Hope you get it working

regards from germany :wink:


I think you might be doing it the hard way hacking the .fpz file, because I don’t touch it directly. I do all of that stuff through graphical interface methods.

I would save it as a new part - this automatically stops the duplicate error problem -, load the new svgs in FZ Edit, and use the Meta in FZ Edit to change the .fzp graphically.


You may well be right, although I’ve never had much luck with using parts editor to make connections. It usually screws up without me knowing why. In this particular case, I’ve discovered all 8 pins are indeed there, they have just done xml funnies to bus pins together (without using the bus construct). I’m just in the process of removing all that and we will see how it goes.

Peter Van Epp


Well breadboard and schematic are working correctly but PCB has connection problems. I guess their odd layout is either old or necessary for the internal connections I removed (or both). I guess I need to change the PCB svg to a more usual format and see if that makes it happy. I’d misspelled connector0pin as conector0pin in schematic initially and parts editor couldn’t fix that (I had to do it from Inkscape) which I guess isn’t a suprise. Close. I don’t think the original part could have ever worked. The Sparkfun data sheet (the device is no longer available) shows the same as the one I’m using and both the breadboard and PCB pins are .1 inch too short for either of them. The original also doesn’t appear to have offset pins, that must be an eagle to Fritzing artifact.

Peter Van Epp

RF Module 433 MHz

It sounds like you are working too hard.

Open the pcb svg in Ink,
click on each node in both copper, and anything with a 0.116 Y cord in the top main location bar with arrow selected change to 0.126.
Then in FZ Edit - Connector pick how many connectors you want active,
Then go in each view and select the connector in right-hand box, press Select Graphic, and then click on connector in main Edit window, and then select N,S,E,W in middle right box.

Searching parts, Velleman RX 433Mhz and SMA Connector

I’ll have try that (because certainly nothing I’ve done to date has been successful :slight_smile: ). In the meantime I found my error so this (hopefully) should work and be the correct size (at least from the data sheet, we will see how real life turns out :slight_smile: ).

RXB6_Superhetrodyne_receiver.fzpz (11.6 KB)

I cheated a bit on breadboard and just expanded the background green board right a bit and moved the connectors to the correct place without moving the imagery around so breadboard is a bit lopsided but the dimensions should be correct and the pins in the correct places.

Peter Van Epp

A suggested reorginization of the core diode part

Hey Peter good work :thumbsup:

Thank you very much now i can go with the right parts on my pcb :slight_smile:


Marc :wink: