DB37 Female connector


Hi All,

Is it possible for someone to help me out by providing a DB37 female connector.



This should do what you want. As always you need to print out the pcb footprint and check it against a real part before ordering boards.

DB37F.fzpz (13.9 KB)



Thank you very much Vanepp :slight_smile:


You are most welcome. For me it is fairly easy, just clone the existing db25 female, take it apart and add the new pins. If you aren’t already familiar with parts creation it is a lot more difficult.



Hi Vanepp, it woul be nice if you had some quick instructions or tips on how you achieved this. Probably there is more skills necessary. Was it inkscape to make the changes? or was it possible to do the new changes within fritzing itself?


I used Inkscape to edit the svgs, it can’t be done from within Fritzing AFAIK. It took me around a year to go from never heard of and svg or Inkscape to being able to make parts as the learning curve is quite steep (inkscape alone is quite complex). Here are pointers to a couple of tutorials which apply to the current version of Fritzing (most others I’ve seen are for earlier versions):

Other than that, your best bet is to try it and ask (preferably posting the .fzz or .fzpz file that doesn’t work) here for assistance (thats how I learned).