Circuit Diagram


Hello. I am begginer in pcb design, and I can’t made this circuit on a single board 10x15. If anybody have time,and want to help me, I am grateful. Thank you.


Upload the sketch of your cirucit (the .fzz file), upload is the 7th icon from the left on the reply bar and I’ll have a look. At present there is not enough information (such as the units of 10x15, mm, cm, in?) or what a motion sensor is, even if I felt like laying out the circuit from scratch



Hello @vanepp. Motion sensors is HB100, and pcb(15x10 cm).


Still need a sketch to start from …



What sketch? I have try one sketch, and I didn’t finish, I didn’t like it, and so I deleted it.


Then you need to make another one. I don’t mind helping with something you can’t figure out, but I’m not intending on doing your project for you.



I understand, thank you. I will comeback with the sketch.


If you haven’t already found it a google search for “fritzing part HB100” turns up a part here (and all of these I have used have been good parts):