BME / BMP 280 sensor


I’ve created a new Fritzing part - BME/BMP280 - temperature, humidity, barometric sensor with I2C protocol. Download here:

Thanks for using.
Regards, mtd


Not bad, but a few problems:

schematic svg:

is missing the schematic layerId

none of the connectorxterminal labels are correct. 0 and 1
are still rect and 2 and 3 are labeled 4 and 5. That causes the wire to terminate in the middle of the pin as shown here:


in the fpz file changed type=“pad” to type=“male”

edit: also changed lablel from BMP280 to M (for module)

The breadboard svg layer ID is bredboard rather than breadboard

Here is a part with these things corrected (and schematic changed slightly to improve readability) and with the scale changed to the standard.

BME280_improved.fzpz (10.1 KB)