Bendable legs hell


Wow, that was great… Thanks a lot…
Now, It’s looks very easy… :heart_eyes:

I’ve to change some position, stroke size… And now it’s perfect…
Didn’t face any issue after edited in Illustrator…

Power Inductor new.fzpz (6.2 KB)

I tried to make bendable legs, for my previous parts… It’s little tricky…
Changing BB svg doesn’t work… Because I already ignored the leg parts…!!!
So, there was two option, make the whole part from start, or the following…
(for anyone having issue)

  1. Extract the old FZPZ file.
  2. Edit the part file, add leg Id in every breadboard view.
  3. Create new FZPZ file.
  4. Unload old part from fitzing, and Import the new file.
  5. Edit part > load the new breadboard SVG > save…

Thanks a lot… :grinning:


I’ve almost never found it easy :slight_smile: . In this case it was because you had done most of the work already. I usually take 3 or 4 attempts to get it right starting from scratch. As noted if you don’t inline the style commands it will also often fail silently @steelgoose found that for me a couple of years ago.