Arduino Mega 2560 Shield v2.0


Yes, that’s what I am gonna do. But I don’t remember needing connector terminal for every pin on my breadboard view. Probably I forgot them due to the huge ammount of connectors for this part. :tired_face:

Thanks as always :smiley:

EDIT: Made all the changes suggested.

arduino_mega_sensor_shield_v20.fzpz (286.4 KB)

Hope it is finally the end. xD


While I didn’t check all the pins in schematic, the check script doesn’t object to anything (except the terminalIds in breadboard which aren’t in the svg but that’s fine) but it looks fine. In breadboard especially with headers you don’t usually need the terminalId as the pin is usually square (in the case where you have a pin that is a rectangle you do want a terminalId so the connection is in the correct spot). Sorry I didn’t say that before you added the terminalIds for bb :blush:. As usual nice job!