Any 5 pin TO-220 packages already available?


That’s what we do, it’s just that Van is so prolific at helping part requests in Part Help that it’s just way too much work creating the parts, upkeeping another tread in Part Submit, upkeeping revisions, and then doing it all again in Git.

We basically hope that people do a part search before requesting a part, and that kind-of finds stuff.


I’d like to say thank-you to all the members of the forum and the community who put in such hard work developing additional components and helping out us Newbies with our relentless and repetitive questions. It may not get said often enough, but we’re very grateful and we deeply appreciate the work you guys do.

Sadly it turns out I’m less skilled at modifying svg files than I thought I was. I’ll take another shot at it but thus far I seem to be missing something that is preventing my files from working correctly.


In that case post the svg or the sketch here (you may need to rename the svg to fzpz because the forum sometimes can’t load an svg). Fritzing has all sorts of tricks and sometimes just asking is much easier.



just found the LM2575 in TO220 with staggered leads (NDH0005D, NEB0005F). Thats already fine.
But there is also a TO220 version with “straight leads”, package type KC
In this datatsheet

it can be found on page 43 - all 5 pins are inline. Any change to get this package also?


That’s easy enough to do, with the warning that the holes are 0.042 (as the lead width is .040) on .067 centers. With a 10 thou stroke width (1/2 normal) that leaves only 5 thou clearance between pads. I understand the board houses don’t like less than 12 thou although 4 thou is the absolute limit. In any case this should do it.

LM2575 TO220 Straight leads.fzpz (8.8 KB)



Thank you very much for your efforts, Peter. I downloaded your file and it looks ok in Fritzing. Nevertheless I take your warnings and will change my layout to the staggered version.

May I ask for a further hint? I’m searching for a THT two pin part with two pads in 7mm distance. In the end I would like to make an inductor []

The pcb grafic should be enough to build my own part … based on an existing inductor


This is a fairly trivial one, swipe some from here and some from there …

09HCP.fzpz (7.6 KB)



Peter, again thank you for your efforts. I don’t understand how you can do these mods so fast, but the part is working.


Practice makes perfect :slight_smile: once you get used to the format and the tools (although in my case Inkscape is still winning :slight_smile: ) it gets easier. I can cut and paste and reuse files from other parts to reduce the effort required.