ALL PCB pcb fabricating company


I have just used a pcb company I have just found, and just felt that I needed to share. They offer a great service at a great price. They were fast, accurate and more importantly for me, a great price and fast. I ordered 27/2/18 and they arrived via courier for no extra charge on 5/3/18. And the cost? $18.94 for 10 x 2 sided boards, 36mm x 153mm, manufactured from my uploaded Gerber files created on Fritzing. I have used a few different companies but All PCB are the best I have found so far for quality and price. Thanks ALL PCB. So if you need a few pcb’s then check them out -

Here is a photo of my pcb. Slightly out of focus but you can see the pcb :slight_smile:


There are a lot of cheap PCB manufactures around, but lately I’m hearing about problems with tracks falling off. There is no problem with them when you assemble the PCB, and they work fine, but if you ever need to change a part sometimes traces fall off. I bought some Ebay PCB and etched some boards and I noticed that in some areas tracks would peel off and other areas would be fine. So I got some PCB locally and found tracks don’t fall off very often, if at all. I did a PCB last month were I changed the same resistor on that good PCB maybe 10 times, and all the tracks were fine. If you find a PCB manufacturer with robust PCBs, that is probably bigger news.


I have had to change one component and had no problem desoldering then drilling the holes out. Admittedly I haven’t tried changing the part numerous times so can’t comment on that aspect, but so far the boards have held up well. So all I can say is that I am pleased with the result so far.


Good, because the ones I read about only had 1 part change.