8X8 LED Matrix Common Cathode


This part should do what you need. I got unlazy and fixed the part to match this part. Try this and see what happens.

KWM-R30881CUAB.fzpz (13.7 KB)



You are utterly brilliant ! I don’t think I can test this till I finally get home from a business trip on Thursday evening but I will look forward to trying it then :smile:


Regarding 8x8 common cathode vs common anode on matrix displays are you aware that if it has common anodes down one edge then it has common cathodes down the other, so using a CA type display in a CC design might be as simple as rotating the module 90 degrees.


Correct for connectivity but the pin numbers will be wrong. A correct part is not all that difficult to make if you know how.



@vanepp - thank you, that piece is superb