4x5 Key switch pad with LEDs (YL-4)


Hi all,

Does anyone have a part already created for the YL-4 which is a 4x5 switch matrix with 8 LEDs identified as YL-4 ?

It’s an old part but ideal for my use.

If not, I’ll have a go at creating it.



Doesn’t look like there is a part out there (at least that I could find), so you probably have to make it. Help is available if you aren’t experienced in parts making, just post your questions and/or not working parts.



Thanks Peter. I initially said I would spend little time in the parts editor but now I find that is sometimes the best solution, so I think I will invest some time learning how to do so. I’ve read the tutorials, now it is up to me to make it so :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.



Is this the one

If you watch the video series it will tell you how to get svg’s of the individual parts, and then you just have to paste them on the master svg accurately.


That’s exactly the one! Thanks, I’ll watch it and practice. Cheers!


I actually spend little time in the parts editor, I prefer to edit the svgs (which you will need to for this anyway) with Inkscape and then edit the fpz file to set the connections as I find that easier than using the parts editor. If (or perhaps when :slight_smile: ) you have problems, feel free to post your part and we will help out.



I’ve actually changed tack and gone for the LED&KEY part as it has inbuilt display, however I do need more resistor packs (Bourns bussed type) so I’ll put my practice into creating a 9 pin version of the current 6 pin one in the parts bin.


Save your self some effort and search the forums :slight_smile: . Some months ago someone made a python script that generates resistor packs of a set size: